bodger (plural bodgers)

  1. A woodworker in the traditional style characterised by the use of hand tools, a pole lathe and use of green timber.
  2. One who works in a rough and ready manner.
  3. One who makes mistakes & then attempts to cover them up in a slipshod manner.

6 letters in word "bodger": B D E G O R.

No anagrams for bodger found in this word list.

Words found within bodger:

be bed beg bego berg bo bod bode bodge bog bor bord borde bore bored bred bro brod brog de deb do dob doe doer dog doge dor dore dreg ed ego er erg ergo ged geo go gob god goe goer gor gore gored ob obe od ode oe ogre or orb orbed ord ore re reb red redo reg rego rob robe robed rod rode roe roed